Our Team

Susan Owens


Judy Skatel 

VP Client Services

Tiffany Dixon 

Sr. VP Field Management

Elisa Brooks

Senior Project Director

Nicole Newton

Sr. B2B Director

Meet the MHN Senior Project Coordinators

Four million
member panel

  • Full service recruiting or purchase sample records
  • B2B, Tech, Healthcare, Medical and Consumer
  • Find the perfect participants for your project
  • In-person focus groups, groups, triads, dyads, mall intercepts, events, fairs, trade show, product placement
  • Webcam focus groups, mobile research, Social media, online focus groups, Online bulletin boards
  • Ethnographic studies, Trial and Jury Recruitment, In-Depth interviews, Clinical Research

Project Types
We Specialize In


  • Expand your research by getting participants to complete an activity before the interview
  • Our proprietary video application makes it simple for them to upload the homework
  • By adding participant homework consultants can be more focused with the questions asked in the interview
  • We are the first recruiting agency to offer a video service so you can meet the respondents
  • The deliverable is a link that you click on to see the videos
  • The cost is $5 per video, so if you ask 10 questions, that’s 10 videos

Meet the


  • Transcripts for your podcast episodes
  • Find guests for your episodes using our panel
  • Brainstorm episode ideas through qualitative research
  • QRCA, Insights Association, Intellus, ESOMAR
  • MHN is committed to continual employee education
  • We stay current developments in our industry