Sr. Project Manager Consumer

How much I actually enjoy recruiting and talking with clients. Yes sometimes it can be challenging but if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun.
I saw a video of a homeless guy with 2 dogs celebrating the dog’s birthday with them. He got them a small cake and little birthday hats and sung them happy birthday and it was the cutest thing ever

Rosslyn Simmons

Project Director Consumer, B2B and Healthcare

God allows me to see myself in the mirror alive and well every morning that he wakes me up.

Wings, green bean, or Asparagus, and mash potatoes.

Rexann Jeffress

Project Manager Healthcare, B2B

Flexibility when something important with family arises.

My son showing a kind gesture to an elderly man.

Ribeye steak, baked potato, and salad.

Canada, to visit all of the national parks.

Modesty Pilgrim

Project Manager Consumer B2B and Healthcare

Jonathan Sellon

Project Manager Consumer

Vacation and Holiday Pay. Flexible work schedule

A mother dog teaching and disciplining her young puppies

Get stuck in a rain storm on my motorcycle with no rain gear.

Roatan, Honduras and stay with my father