Tiffany Dixon, Sr. VP Field Management 

Tiffany leads the Field Management Department, assisting project managers and clients so they reach their research goals. Tiffany graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in public relations and marketing, and has spent the past 5 years in market research coordinating and managing a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. This wide range of research includes: telephone and online surveys, home-placement product trials, business to business executive studies, and nationwide healthcare research.

Tiffany is the “wearer of many hats” at Murray Hill National and oversees all aspects of a project, including questionnaire review, evaluation and purchase of sampling resources, quota and data collection management, quality control assurance, timing and working with clients to effectively execute projects.

In her spare time, she enjoys time with her four-legged children.


William Green, VP of Research Services / Data Control (Consumer, Healthcare, B2B)

RIVA Certified

Will is an invaluable member of the MHN management team, and serves as one of our key players. He leads a dynamic team of recruiters who can tackle any job no matter the size, location, or topic. His team’s ultimate goal is to ensure the clients expectations are met in the necessary time with the maximum of quality. Will is involved in all project logistics from inception to completion, including but not limited to: participant recruitment for focus groups, survey scheduling and set-up, sampling specification, monitoring achievements of quotas, data checking and validation, communication with clients during fieldwork and coming up with pro-active and intelligent solutions to any issues faced. 



Judy Skatell, VP Client Services (Specializing in CLIENT requests)

Judy has been working in marketing research for over 20 years.  Dibbling in all facets of the industry. Experience began as a recruiter.  Recruiting all types, consumer, business and medical.  Moving rapidly into Project Management and Call Center Manager. Currently, Judy's work involves  Facility Operations with Dallas being my home market.   Judy is the liasion with all MHN partnering facilities.  Collecting client needs while onsite at a  variety of locations.  Judy can  coordinate with clients on  individual or multi- city projects, working with Facility Directors and Managers for each market.  



Elisa Brooks, Health Care / Execuitve Sr. Project Director

Elisa joined the MHN team as a recruiter and quickly advanced to a lead medical recruiter and project manager for our Pharma clientele. She has a keen sense for researching various avenues and utilizing search tools and platforms to find patients and physicians even on the most challenging level.

Elisa has the ability to manage over 20 projects simultaneously with precision and ease, and always with a smile on her face.


Jonathan Sellon, Sr. Project Manager 

With five years' experience at Murray Hill National, doing everything from recruiting to validating and now excelling to Senior Project Manager.

Jonathan uses his ability to communicate, not only with his co-workers, but with our Clients and Respondents alike to assure success.  Jonathan believes SUCCESSFUL Projects are our only Projects!



Elaina Kaaki, Senior Project Director

Elaina joined Murray Hill National as a recruiter in 2016 and has steadily climbed the ranks to her current role as Senior Project Director.  She specializes in qualitative and quantitative research recruitment and management, leading a team of elite recruiters dedicated to delivering top quality respondents for our clients.  She frequently manages projects with panels exceeding 500+ respondents while staying on schedule and within budget. Her team includes several project managers and a host of recruiters.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, needle point, and spending time with her tiny dog.



Rosslyn Simmons, Sr. Project Manager 

I am an integral part of a Powerful Research Team responsible for identifying target markets, executing complex questionnairesconducting telephone interviews, compiled and analyzed data for research activities.

 The goal is to produce subjects to participate in focus groups to identify market segments and penetration. The team manages behaviorally-based research projects.

 These projects include customer and employee studies, communication audits, market analysis positioning, and consumer studies.


Nicole Newton, Sr. Project Director / Project Management Trainer

Nicole, a.k.a. “Quota Queen”, has spent the past several years divulging herself in the captivating field of Market Research. She takes on the full responsibility of all project phases, while reaching the highest quality standards, always meeting quotas and never missing a deadline. She is well-versed in all research methodologies and has the ability to drive and manage the successful implementation of large and small scale complex research projects simultaneously in multiple markets.
Nicole is instrumental in taking on the most challenging of projects, and can always find that “needle in the haystack”; whether finding a panel for the rarest of rare patient types, or top industry leaders – she has it covered!

Nicole has a special knack for building panels and securing any B2B segment or market. She specializes in recruiting: Executive Business Decision makers across all industries and departments, specialized IT professionals, Property Management and Operations professionals, Fleet Managers, Finance and HR professionals, as well as Retail and Healthcare professionals
With her cross-functional capabilities, she also established an internal operating procedural guide for training new team members on standardized processes in which our company strictly adheres to.
In her spare time, she volunteers in the community as an event organizer with her local church as well as A.T. Children’s Project


We have a wonderful host of team leaders, evening and weekend management that allow us to keep your projects on the phones six days a week.

These team members watch quotas, keep the spreadsheets lined up, schedule recruiters and much more.