Convention Research

Murray Hill National is here to accomodate the most convenient research opportunity by targeting geographically dispersed individuals in one place. Whether you choose to conduct research onsite or remotely, we can accommodate your request and make your preferred research methodology a success.

National Database

You will be able to conduct research on a national level in one convenient location. This creates a unique research environment. The options are endless: recruit ahead of time for interviews during the convention, do surveys on the floor of the convention, recruit for later web groups, TDI’s or IDIs, scheduled at a later date.

A leader in the industry, Murray Hill National's Reliable Recruiting recruits highly qualified respondents to ensure exceptional interviews, facilitating the key research you need.


We are able to host interviews at any location. Hotel, Convention Cener, Mall or Facility. We can arrange the research to be held at a nearby full service focus group facility in most US locations.

We’ve got you covered on anything you that you need from paper and pencils to all of your audio and digital needs.

Let Us do the Work

We can coordinate your Convention Research more effectively through:
• Project Management
• Booth hosting
• Interview hosting 
• Attendee/Exhibitor quantitative survey with instant results.  No need to be can vire result instantly.