November 14, 2018  ORANGE COUNTY

We had a perfect attendance in El Segundo and only one missing in Fountain Valley – It was great!

November 9, 2018  DALLAS

Thank you – I want to say a genuine thank you since you have all made this process very easy for me!

November 9, 2018  NATIONAL

Your team continues to be rock stars.  Thanks for being such a great partner.

November 8, 2018  MULTI CITY

Also wanted to pass along clients were VERY pleased with the recruitment and FW in all cities. THANK YOU as always!!!

September 12, 2018  PHILADELPHIA

Thank you for your willingness to assist us everytime we ask.  We know that you do not have to help.  Very much appreciated.

July 14, 2018 DALLAS

We love the new facility.   Had a great time viewing in your new client lounge.  

February 8, 2018  DALLAS

Good morning, Judy and Murry Hill Team –

Once again, my heartfelt and sincere thanks for your hospitality and good humor yesterday!  What a doozy of a day, and combination of “factors” to keep everything “interesting…” ;-) I’m glad we had a few minutes to chat after everyone else left, thank you for letting me bend your ear!  You guys, and especially Abel is truly “grace under pressure” – I can’t thank you enough. Enjoy the rest of your week!

February 2, 2018 LOS ANGELES

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all of your efforts on this project!  Nicole, Susan, Tiffany and Judy – your effort and dedication to making this project a success was much appreciated!  After everyone else turned it down, you guys gave it your best shot and did a fantastic job filling this (seemingly impossible!!) recruit.  Bravo to you all! 

December 18, 2017 NATIONAL

The client was really happy, as are we. Please see the final field report from the client attached. 

December 16, 2017 NATIONAL

It’s been an absolute pleasure and such a good, smooth experience – thank you so much for that! What a strong one to finish the year with.

December 14, 2017 - DALLAS

I wanted to let you know how fantastic the groups were today! The respondents were top-notch - Summer did an amazing job! The first group were all incredibly articulate.

Onsite, everything went smoothly for the clients, thanks to Judy and team.

Thank you all for your work - we greatly appreciate your partnership!

December 13, 2017 - NYC

Last night's groups were a hit.  Clients happy!

November 27, 2017 --  NYC

About yesterday, it was brilliant! Everyone turned up, really great respondents, everyone had a slightly different view and they’d all done their homework!!!

Thanks so much for the help!

November 20 , 2017 --  NATIONAL 

Seamless.  Never have I completed a product placement HUT so seamless.  We will be back.

February 10, 2017 -  DALLAS

Hi Jonathan,

I just wanted to follow up on this week – we had a few crazy busy days but thanks to your respondents it was a success. 

June 17, 2016 -  NATIONAL

Wanted to add that Angie and the MHN team has been a pleasure to work with on this project. I really appreciate how responsive and helpful MHN has been with this extremely tough patient recruit. It took three vendors to make this happen and it wouldn't have happened without MHN on board.

June 16, 2016 - CHICAGO

I wanted to congratulate you on last night’s groups 

  • All participants arrived on time for the interview
  • All participants were our core blue segment
  • All participants had their HW with them

The participants were very proud to share their collage and videos/photos. 

June 13, 2016 -  DALLAS


Thank you all so much for all you did to make the research last week Great! The clients left very happy and I truly appreciate all your hard work! It was great working with all of you.


June 10, 2016  - NEW YORK

Hi Susan and Judy,

Just want to let you know client was really happy with the recruit you did.  Participants were all great and all went well.

Thanks for your big effort on this one!!


February 26, 2016  - DALLAS

This recruit was excellent!! Thank you for your awesome work on this!

February 10, 2016  - CHICAGO

 I just heard this feedback from the moderator-   “It was perfect! Really. The respondents were great the facility had everything we needed. Client very pleased.”


January 26, 2016 -  New York

Thanks again for doing such a  great job on this assignment!

Looking forward to working together again soon!


January 21, 2016  -  New York

 The groups went very well today - thank you so much for all of your support throughout the process. The folks at the facility were terrific - very attentive!  

We had a perfect show rate for all of the groups, with the exception of the one cancellation for the first group. Thank you so much! I look forward to working together again soon!


Novemebr 2015  Dallas, Atlanta and New York

Hi! I just want to send a quick note to thank you for your work - Day 1 was fantastic! The client was happy, & we’re off to a good start.


Susan, Murray Hill went to extra effort to get the best respondents on this 1st day with the head client attending, & we greatly appreciate his work!!


 11/2015  Dallas & Chicago

Thanks Susan and team for all of the updates throughout the course of the week. As Susan mentioned, Client A and Client B were quite pleased with their week of research. In fact, Client A responded to one of my e-mails, and said, “These interviews have gone amazingly.  The staff at both facilities are incredible, certainly has been a very productive trip.” Kudos to the entire Murray Hill team. Thanks for everything.