Finding the perfect respondents for your business-to-business projects is an art form that the professional researchers at MHN have perfected. No matter what specific niche your client needs to research, the immense reach of our four million-member research panel has you covered. Whether you need participants who are physicians or patients, medical specialists or equipment manufacturers, we can expertly assemble the perfect mix of people to participate in your project.

MHN promotes from within, and the role of Project Manager is a coveted and well-earned position. Our team of dedicated B2B project managers is knowledgeable in a vast array of B2B project types. We closely monitor industry news and will be a true partner capable of anticipating your needs and making helpful suggestions. Check our locations page to see the twenty markets we operate in. And we are equally skilled with online and video interviewing. If you need a quick turnaround estimate, click the Get A Bid button or chat with us through our Contact Messaging.

The MHN B2B project team understands privacy laws and security sensitivity. In 2021 we conducted more than two thousand B2B studies across a wide-ranging subject matter.


Business owners for small and medium businesses, mid-level managers, department heads, administrative personnel, Lawyers, IT specialists, IT Managers, IT Decision Makers, Vice Presidents, C-Suite

The MHN B2B Recruiting Workflow:

The project manager is briefed on the study by our team > the project gets fielded > recruiters trained > respondents qualified > confirmation letter sent > respondents re-screened on all terminates & demographics > reminder calls the day before the group.


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